Where to Order Bacteriostatic Water for Mixing Your HCG

Where to Order Bacteriostatic Water for Mixing Your HCG

Picture this: Your doctor just prescribed you with a medication that needs to be reconstituted or diluted with bacteriostatic water to prepare it for injection. You have no idea what bacteriostatic water is and you don’t even know where you can buy it.

Bacteriostatic water is a medical item used as a mixing solvent that is free of a microbial load that contains 0.9% Benzyl Alcohol to prevent the growth of bacteria. This is the case for any medication that needs to be diluted before use just like HCG injections.

Continue reading to learn where to order bacteriostatic water for your medicinal needs.

Find a Reputable Retailer Online

The water directly from your faucet may be contaminated with pathogens. You wouldn’t want to inject this into your body, so you shouldn’t use it to mix concentrated medications. This is where bacteriostatic water comes into play (you have to be sure that you’re buying a high-quality product.

You should look for companies that are dedicated to selling medical supplies. The right online retailer is most likely going to offer fast shipping of their high-quality products.

HCG Supplies is a medical supply depot that has been a dedicated HCG supplier since 2007. We carry all of the items that you might need for HCG injections, including bacteriostatic water. Our HCG economy mixing kit consists of a sterile capped vial, a mixing syringe with needle, alcohol prep pads, and 30ml of bacteriostatic water.

We cannot give medical advice. Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting any new health regimens.

Where to Order Bacteriostatic Water

Now that you know where to order bacteriostatic water, you may be thinking that you could attempt to make your own bacteriostatic water at home. This isn’t a good idea. Bacteriostatic water is meant to be made in a sterile environment.

Contact HCG Supplies today with inquiries on how to purchase your next bacteriostatic water kit. We can also answer any questions you might have on mixing HCG with a solvent to prepare it for use.

Sterile Water vs. Bacteriostatic Water: What Are the Key Differences?

Sterile Water vs. Bacteriostatic Water: What Are the Key Differences?

Contaminated water can contain more than 100 different pathogens. Would you want this water injected directly into your body?

Many drugs or medicines require water to dissolve or dilute the product so it can be absorbed into the body when injected. This is the purpose of sterile water — a type of water free from pathogens. However, few people know about the differences between sterilized water and bacteriostatic water and the different roles they play in administering injections.

To find out more about these types of water, keep reading below.

Properties of Sterile Water

Sterile water is a type of water free from any type of microorganism, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. Not only is it used for injections, but for research experiments as well. Microorganisms in contaminated water can interfere with the experiment and ruin the results.

A common misconception is that boiling water can create sterile water. Although boiling water for 20 minutes may kill most pathogens and be safe to drink, it would not be considered medically sterile for injection.

Additionally, distilled water is not the same as sterile water. Distilled water is created through a process of steaming and condensation, which removes most contaminants, but that does not mean it is free of all pathogens.

What Is Bacteriostatic Water?

Bacteriostatic water is a specific type of sterile water. It has a pH level between 4.5 and 7.0.

The word bacteriostat, or bacteriostatic agent, refers to a chemical or biological substance that inhibits the growth of bacteria by interfering with their reproductive process. This is commonly achieved by adding 0.9% benzyl alcohol.

Anyone with an alcohol allergy should steer clear of bacteriostatic water as an injection solvent.

Bacteriostatic vs. Sterile Water

Sterile water is processed to remove all pathogens and microorganisms. Bacteriostatic water goes one step further than this with the addition of benzyl alcohol. The alcohol, as a bacteriostatic agent, prevents the growth of bacteria.

In contrast, sterile water contains nothing preventing the growth of bacteria once it has been exposed to air. This is why some medical professionals prefer bacteriostatic water for injections. Some professionals also claim that bacteriostatic water provides better solubility for the drug or medicine.

Sterile and Bacteriostatic Similarities

Both sterile water and bacteriostatic water are used as solvents. This means they are designed to be mixed with something. For an injection, they are often mixed with a pharmaceutical drug or medicine.

Using Sterile or Bacteriostatic Water

Access to sterile water or bacteriostatic water is one of the basics of medical hygiene. Of course, all the other equipment used for injection also needs to be sterile. This includes items like needles and the injection site itself.

To find the proper mixing kits needed for injections, take a moment to browse our products.

How to Safely Give Yourself a B12 Injection

How to Safely Give Yourself a B12 Injection

The Safest B12 Injection Sites on Your Body

Vitamin B12 plays many crucial roles such as assisting in the formation of red blood cells and helping your nervous system to function. It can be a key part of the HCG diet, and you may have decided to give yourself vitamin B12 injections.

But it’s crucial to know where the safest B12 injection sites are to avoid causing unnecessary discomfort. While you may already be used to administering your HCG diet injections, you’ll want to know the best ways to carry out vitamin B12 injections.

That’s why this brief post will discuss the most suitable injection sites for injecting B12 into your body.

While reading, please bear in mind that this article is not medical advice and is not written or posted by doctors. You should consult with a medical professional before starting any medication or diet program.

Preparing the B12 Injection Site

No matter which injection site you choose, remember to thoroughly clean the area with alcohol wipes at the start. You should also allow the site to dry before administering the injection. In addition, try to vary which injection sites you choose to avoid damaging the area.

Intramuscular B12 Injection Sites

Intramuscular injections mean you are injecting the vitamin directly into your muscle. These can be effective injection sites for B12 as it allows instant absorption because the muscles have a strong blood supply.

When giving intramuscular vitamin B12 injections, you can use the thigh, buttocks, or deltoid muscle on your upper arm. However, it can be tricky to self-inject into the buttocks or shoulder, and you may find it easier to use your thigh.

Subcutaneous B12 Injection Sites

When you perform a subcutaneous injection, your injections of B12 are given just below the surface of the skin. Some people consider this to be one of the best B12 injection sites, as it can be less painful and it may be easier to learn the technique.

The most common sites are the lower abdomen, thigh, and upper arm. This could give you more options, as it is easier to reach the first two sites. Although the absorption rate will not be as fast compared to intramuscular injections, you may find the extra convenience is worth it.

Contact HCG Supplies Today

You can give yourself vitamin B12 injections as part of your HCG diet if you have the right supplies and know how to find the proper B12 injection sites. It’s best to consult with a medical professional before you start using B12 injections and to ensure you are confident in your injection technique.

A trained professional can give you guidance and advice. You can then decide which are the best injection sites for your needs.

At HCG Supplies, we’ve been supplying HCG dieters since 2007 and have all the products you require in one place. Our high-quality HCG injection kits and low prices mean we’re a market-leading business with an ever-growing list of satisfied customers.

To discuss your HCG diet kit supply needs contact us today.

The Bottom Line on HCG Injections for Weight Loss: Is It Worth It?

The Bottom Line on HCG Injections for Weight Loss: Is It Worth It?

The Benefits of HCG Injections for Weight Loss

Weight is a problem for a lot of people today. About 39% of adults are overweight, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Carrying too much weight can lead to critical health issues, such as chronic pain, heart disease, and diabetes.

If this is the boat you’re in, you need to stack the deck in your favor to help you get the weight down. Many people have found success taking HCG injections for weight loss.

What are the benefits? Do they work? We’re happy to explain further.

Read on to learn as much as you can about HCG injections for weight loss.

The Weight Will Come Off Quickly

Patience is a virtue, but let’s be honest – we all would like to lose weight as quickly as possible. Taking diet HCG injections is helpful because you will start to see the pounds melt away quickly.

The HCG is mixed into bacteriostatic water, making it easy to absorb. This is similar to the sterile water that is used in insulin needles for diabetes injections.

You’ll get fast results with this bacteriostatic HCG solution, and your body will respond to the HCG shots quickly and effectively. Shop around for insulin syringes, so that the application suits you.

It Goes Hand in Hand With the Diet

Many people try out the HCG diet to go with their injections. This approach is two-pronged, including a 500 calorie diet, with two meals per day.

Adding syringes to the mix will help you get results. Look into an HCG diet menu to figure out which foods you should add to your plate.

Make sure that your diet has plenty of lean protein to help you build muscle and burn fat. Add in vegetables to make sure you’re also getting the clean nutrients that you need.

You Get a Hormone Boost

While people use HCG injections for weight loss, these injections are traditionally used for women’s fertility treatments. Your HCG diet injections could help in optimizing your testosterone and estrogen levels.

Stock up on some insulin syringes that will help you administer your HCG, so you can even out your hormone levels and appreciate the benefits that this brings. Many people also use HCG injections to appreciate the fat loss that comes with optimizing testosterone levels.

The Injections Provide Energy and Stamina

When you’re looking into an 500 calorie diet plan, you will love that your HCG injections will also give you an energy boost. You’ll have more pep in your step as you go about your day, which is great both for your quality of life and to get through your workouts.

You might also like throwing a B12 shot into the mix for an added boost of energy. Figure out your B12 injection sites, so you can administer however many you need.

Using HCG Injections for Weight Loss

The points above are helpful when you’d like to learn more about the benefits of using HCG injections for weight loss. Weight loss doesn’t have to be something you struggle with, especially since there are lots of products that can help.

HCG Supplies has everything that you need to get started. Just visit our website.

Where to Inject hCG: 4 Best Places (And How It’s Done)

where to inject hCG

The hCG diet is well-known for producing jaw-dropping results. On the hCG diet, you can expect to lose between one-half to one pound per day. This is contrasted with other diets on which one to two pounds of weight loss would be achieved over one week.

This amazing weight loss is because of two essential components. A controlled low-calorie diet and the all-important hCG injections. Like any iconic duo, it’s believed that one doesn’t work as well without the other.

If you’re thinking of beginning the hCG diet then you need to know how and where to inject hCG. That’s what this article is going to be discussing. Read on for all the important info.

A Bit About the hCG Diet

The hCG diet combines a low-calorie diet with hCG (or human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone injections. It’s believed that hCG can help to boost your fat-burning metabolism and stave off feelings of hunger.

The HCG diet is broken up into three separate phases. These are the loading phase, the weight loss phase, and the maintenance phase. In the loading phase, you’ll eat a lot of high-fat foods.

It’s in the weight loss phase where you’ll restrict your calories. Usually, you’ll be on a 500-calorie diet.

Where to Inject hCG

If you’re new to the hCG diet, the prospect of injecting yourself can be daunting. But with proper planning and preparation, it doesn’t have to be. This advice doesn’t come from a medical professional, so it’s always best to consult your doctor before administering injections yourself.

One thing to note is that there are two ways you can administer your injections: subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Each manner of injection has injection sites to which they are better suited. Also, repeatedly using only one injection site can cause damage to your skin, so it’s good to change it up.

1. Upper Thigh

The upper thigh is a popular area as it’s one of the easiest to reach. Either subcutaneous or intramuscular injections are suited to this injection site. Always wipe the site with an alcohol pad before your injection.

2. Lower Abdomen

The lower belly is another easy-to-reach place for an hCG injection. Subcutaneous injections are best for this area. This is because there’s usually a little more fat here.

3. Upper Arm

The upper arm can be a little more tricky to reach. Both subcutaneous and intramuscular injections will work here. You might need a trusted friend or partner to help you out with this one.

4. Upper Buttocks

Again, this is one that might require more than one set of hands, but it’s possible to do on your own with a little stretching. The upper and outer buttocks are a good spot for intramuscular injections. Injections here should be more toward the more muscular part of your outer buttocks near your hip.

The Best hCG Injection Sites

We hope that this guide will help you discover where to inject hCG, and ultimately achieve your weight loss goals. The hCG diet does require discipline and effort, but when you see the amazing results it’s all worth it.

If you’re looking for more resources on this diet and the things it can do for you, don’t forget to peruse our blog now. You can also browse the range of hCG diet equipment we have on offer.

How to Take HCG Diet Injections: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Take HCG Diet Injections: A Beginner's Guide

Did you know that the HCG Diet may cause rapid weight loss of up to between one and two pounds per day?

It’s no surprise therefore that the diet has been popular in recent years. But perhaps you’re unsure about how to take HCG shots. Then look no further.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need to know about how the diet works and how to take HCG shots.

What Is the HCG Diet?

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. It’s a hormone that the body secretes naturally, but can also be taken by way of injection.

To follow the HCG diet, you should only consume 500 calories over 43 days, while taking HCG shots at the same time.

You’re allowed to consume two meals per day, both lunch and dinner. Every meal you eat should include one source of protein, one vegetable, and a piece of fruit. The main goal of the diet is fast weight loss.

How to Take HCG Injections

To experience the best results with the HCG diet, you’ll need to know how to take the injections correctly. Use this as your HCG diet injections guide.

Mixing HCG is integral to the process. Follow the steps below to ensure you mix properly.

Preparing to Mix HCG

First, you’ll need to have all your supplies ready. These include:

Ensure the area is sterile and set out all your supplies. Open your glass ampoule of HCG powder. Clean the top of the container that has the bacteriostatic water, along with an empty glass vial. Use an alcohol prep pad for cleaning.

Before mixing, you’ll want to tap the syringe to force the air bubbles to surface to the top of your syringe. Be sure to put pressure on the plunger, so that all of the air gets released. Try not to shake the mixture, allow it to mix naturally.

How to Mix HCG

You must get the dosage correct before you start using HCG shots. However, the amount you should take will be unique and specific to your needs. Use the amount based upon what you’ve been recommended to take by your doctor, or else on how hungry you feel. More is not always better. This dosage is not based on bodyweight.

Below are the recommended doses that are commonly used (international units):

  • 125
  • 150
  • 175
  • 200

Use the size of the vial of HCG powder to determine how much bacteriostatic water you’ll need. Here are some handy HCG Mixing Instructions.

Get Your HCG Mixing Kits Here

Here, we’ve explained how you can use HCG injections for weight loss. To benefit from them, you need to understand the steps laid out here on how to take HCG.

Home mixing kits make it easy for you to prepare your HCG shots. Reach out to us by phone or email for more information on how to buy your HCG mixing kits. As the first-ever company to offer them online, you know we’ve got you covered.

Order your HCG kits and get started on your journey to weight loss success.

How to Mix HCG

How to Mix HCG

Plenty of people are skeptical when it comes to HCG diet plans, but the plans appear to be effective when provided to people in the right doses. Whatever the case, people know to consult with medical professionals before making drastic changes to their diet or lifestyle.

Proponents of the plan say that it’s safe and effective at least in the short term. It can be confusing, though, for people jumping into the HCG diet plan for the first time.

For best results, it’s important to learn how to mix HCG properly. Consider taking a quick look at some guidance on the topic below.

How to Mix HCG: A Quick Look

Properly mixing HCG is the foundation for achieving your desired results. There are a few ways to do it, too. You can try to find a clinic in your area, or you can mix the substances yourself using HCG mixing kits.

If you’re set on doing it yourself, you’ll need some HCG weight loss supplies to get started. You’ll need HCG, bacteriostatic water, alcohol prep pads, sterile capped glass vials, large syringes, and needles.

It’s important to keep your working area as clean as possible. Also, wash your hands thoroughly and dry them with paper towels.

HCG Mixing Steps

First, lay out all the materials for your HCG diet in a sterile environment. Next, open a glass ampoule of HCG powder by first cleaning its top, and then snap it away from the body. Clean the rubber top of the bacteriostatic water and a separate sterile glass vial with an alcohol pad.

There are many ways to mix the HCG. We suggest following the HCG Mixing Directions and HCG Dosage Chart on this page. Do not shake the contents, as they will mix on their own.

It’s important to note that, before any injection, you need to prepare accordingly and let the air bubbles rise to the top of the syringe. Also push the stopper until all air is out of the syringe.

These are the basic steps for prepping your mixture. It’s important to follow up with the dosage for your specific plan.

HCG Mixture Dosage

HCG mixing amounts can vary for each person. More is not always better. Some people do better on the lower dosages, even larger people. These are typically individualized plans, so you need to alter the dosages based on the recommendations you received or your own feeling of hunger. Here’s a look at the common numbers for daily dosages of HCG:

  • 125 iu
  • 150 iu
  • 175 iu
  • 200 iu

The mixing amounts of Bacteriostatic water will depend on the ampoule size of HCG you have. The daily dosages also determine how many days of injection yield they’ll provide.

Mixing HCG

While it’s relatively easy to learn how to mix HCG, you might want to turn to HCG mixing kits instead. They provide all the supplies you need and can be tailored to your specific diet plan. However, mixing on your own isn’t as complicated as it might seem.

It’s important to consider the risks that each step can present and, more importantly, to consult with a medical professional before getting started.

Reach out if you’re interested in getting started. We have all of the HCG Supplies you will need to get started.

An Overview of the 500 Calorie Diet

An Overview of the 500 Calorie Diet

Did you know that 63% of US adults plan to change their diet in 2022? The stress of a global pandemic, busy schedules, and lack of motivation have led to weight gain for many Americans. There are plenty of ways to start shedding inches off of your waistline, from intense group classes to popular diets.

One of the diets you should know about is the 500-calorie diet. Although it may seem extreme, it’s worth trying out, so you can see if it works with your lifestyle.

If you’re ready to learn more about the 500-calorie diet, keep reading this article.

What Is a 500-Calorie Diet?

The 500-calorie diet is one type of a very low-calorie diet. You’ll be reducing your portions significantly, replacing certain food routines with more healthy choices, and tracking your calories.

This restriction in calorie consumption pushes your body to start using the main stored fuel source, which is fat. In turn, you’ll start shedding pounds.

There have been plenty of studies done that show how intermittent fasting can help overweight and obese individuals lose weight.


The biggest benefit of the 500-calorie diet is that it is fast weight loss. You’ll also be revamping your metabolism and accelerating fat oxidation, which also helps you shed weight.

If you need to lose a lot of weight to prevent health risks, you’ll want a diet that emphasizes low calories. It’s hard to beat the 500-calorie diet as part of an overall weight loss regime.

Example Recipes

You may be wondering what a typical day might look like with such a restricted diet. You’d be surprised by how much you can fit into a 500-calorie day.

You can start breakfast with decaffeinated tea or black coffee. Remember to avoid sugar.

For lunch, you can have a medium salad or grilled fish with broccoli.

For dinner, clear mushroom soup or an egg-white omelet will keep you satisfied.

These are just basic examples to start with. Once you get accustomed to your 500-calorie diet, you’ll be able to see what meal plan works best for you.

Incorporating HCG

If you’re really looking to make the most out of your weight loss, you’ll want to incorporate HCG. The HCG diet is a weight loss plan that combines daily injections of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin with a 500 calorie-a-day restriction.

Dr. Albert T. Simeons, a British physician, first promoted HCG as a weight-loss aid in the 1950s. He claimed that the HCG regimen causes the body to preferentially burn stored fat, particularly from the hips, stomach, and thighs.

There is a lot of research you can do about the HCG diet, this will help you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right option for you.

500-Calorie Diet Overview

Before you begin any fast weight loss plan, it’s important to speak to a medical professional. Low-calorie diets have been done safely for years, but they can lead to health risks if not followed properly.

If you’re able to incorporate the 500-calorie diet into your life, especially with HCG, you’ll sure to see the number on your scale go down.

Looking for HCG supplies such as mixing kits and bacteriostatic water? Look no further than https://www.hcgsupplies.com. Check out all of our products and get ready to begin your weight loss journey!

Insulin Needles: Everything You Need to Know

Insulin Needles: Everything You Need to Know

Over 35% of people in the United States struggle with obesity. An additional 32.5% of Americans are overweight. With more than two-thirds of the United States population struggling with their weight there has to be a simpler solution- thankfully there is one.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections have been known to help burn unwanted fat. The biggest barrier to utilizing HCG as a fat-burning tool is managing the injections.

In order to ease the needle injection process, people have begun using insulin needles to administer HCG. Keep reading to learn more about insulin needles and how to inject yourself with HCG.

How to Administer HCG with an Insulin Needle

With a subcutaneous needle, you can inject your HCG on the go. A syringe is a hollow tube with a plunger on one side and a needle on the other. Users will draw the HCG out of a vial with a syringe and then inject it into the body.

It is best to find an injection site that has some fatty tissue on it. When injected, HCG needs to go into the fat under the skin. When doing a body injection, you need to pinch the skin and put the needle in at a 45º angle.

As you push the needle into the skin, you can let go of the pinched skin. Slowly push down on the plunger to push the HCG into your system. To prevent leaks, you should leave the syringe in place for 5 seconds before pulling the needle out.

Insulin Needle Thickness

The factor that best differentiates needles is the thickness of the needle. A needle’s thickness is measured in gauge rather than millimeters or inches. By picking the right needle or syringe size, you can minimize pain and avoid scar tissue buildup.

The different syringe sizes are helpful when administering different doses. Intramuscular and subcutaneous injections require different needles. Intramuscular injections are absorbed faster because muscle tissue has a greater blood supply than tissue right beneath the skin.

The higher the needle gauge, the thinner the needle. If you need to inject large doses of HCG, you will want a slightly lower gauge number. This will allow more HCG to enter the body more quickly with a single injection.

Best Needle Injection Practices

You will quickly grow accustomed to giving yourself HCG injections. Whether you are new to injections or not, here are some best practices for insulin needle injections.

  • Make sure to use a new syringe and needle every time
  • Rotate your injection sites
  • Hold for a few seconds to reduce leakage

By following these best practices, you can lower your chances of infection and leaks. Injecting HCG should go quite smoothly once you grow accustomed to it.

Use Insulin Needles to Lose Weight

Getting rid of stubborn body fat can be extremely liberating. Thankfully insulin needles make it easier to administer your HCG. Contact us for more information on syringes and HCG.

Your Guide to the HCG Diet Plan Phase 1

Your Guide to the HCG Diet Plan Phase 1

Nearly 3 out of every 4 adults over the age of 20 are overweight, according to the CDC. Being overweight and obese significantly raise your chances of heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and a whole host of serious health ailments.

But if you are looking to shed some pounds and kickstart your health journey, you might be wondering where to even begin. How do you even know which diet plan would work best for you?

We have your answer.

If you are curious about how to start the HCG diet plan phase 1, we have you covered. We have created a guide here on how to successfully take on this weight-loss program without sacrificing your day-to-day enjoyment.

How Often Can You Eat on the HCG Diet Plan Phase 1?

Some diets can feel pretty restrictive on the number of meals you are allowed to eat every day. Intermittent fasting allows you to eat in a small window of time. On the HCG diet plan phase 1 you eat two meals a day. This will help keep you satiated and feeling full so that the HCG injections can be as effective as possible.

What Types of Food Can You Eat?

A key element within this four-phase diet is to regulate your blood sugar. Certain foods have naturally low glycemic indexes, which are great for this exact purpose.

On the HCG diet plan phase 1, you should be looking to eat apples, grapefruits, and other types of fruits. You want your fat reserves to be full, so think of high-calorie, high-fat foods like avocados, cheeses, fish, eggs, full-fat yogurt, seeds, and nuts.

You can put cream cheese on your morning bagels, sour cream on your baked potato, and cream in your coffee. Certain high-quality fattier meats are also a good choice for the first phase of the HCG diet plan. Phase one is also known as the “loading phase” of the diet.

What Should You Be Drinking on the HCG Diet Plan Phase 1?

For the first phase of the HCG diet plan, you want to stick to water and avoid sugary drinks if you can. High-calorie smoothies are a great option here since they can be low in sugar (if you choose the right ingredients) while also helping to fill up your fat reserves. It is best to avoid alcoholic drinks, as there are many health risks associated with them.

Visit Our Website When You Are Ready to Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

Starting a new diet plan can be scary, but it does not have to be. Feel confident going into the HCG diet plan phase 1 with the support of many customer testimonials that back up the weight loss results they experienced.

If you are ready to start the HCG diet plan, reach out to us here at HCG Supplies. We are your number one resource for all things HCG diet, supplies, and support for your weight loss journey.

WE ARE NOT DOCTORS. HCGSupplies.com and it’s blog (site.hcgsupplies.com/blog) does not offer or provide medical advice. All statements are for informational/entertainment purposes only and are the opinions of the blog author. If you have questions about your health and/or your medications, please contact a medical professional.