Where to Buy Sterile Water for Injection

sterile water for injection

If you’re not accustomed to injecting yourself, you likely need some guidance.

Many people today are trying the HCG diet, which restricts their food intake to 500 calories as they also take daily HCG injections. If you’re considering taking any form of injection, you’ve probably heard people mention sterile water as an option. What is sterile water, and should it be used for injection?

We’re happy to explain. These tips will teach you everything you should know about using sterile water for injection.

Should You Use Sterile Water for Injection?

Many people shop for sterile water when they need to administer an injection. However, this isn’t the type of water that you should use for injections, because it isn’t advised for use with the HCG diet. Once you open up sterile water it can only be used within 24 hours before running the risk of contamination and infection.

Instead of sterile water, look into bacteriostatic water for your injections. Bacteriostatic water can be used for multiple injections over a 28-day period after opening. This is ideal for HCG diet injections.

How and Where Can You Buy Bacteriostatic Water?

So, what is bacteriostatic water? It’s a type of sterile water that contains small amounts of benzyl alcohol.

If you’re looking to buy bacteriostatic water for the HCG diet or other reasons, you need to know where to find it and how to shop. Here are some points to consider when finding what you need:

Make Sure the Supplier Is Credible and Qualified

When you’re in the market for vials of bacteriostatic water, start by making sure the supplier is professional and credible. You’re trusting them to sell you a product that is exactly as it is labeled and not contaminated by anything else.

There are some laboratories and medical suppliers that can assist you with the purchase, so look for some referrals and recommendations to know what you’re getting.

Shop for Prices and Store Your Bacteriostatic Water Properly

Once you’re ready to purchase some bacteriostatic water, make sure that you look into the prices so you can shop for a vial that’ll serve you well. Look into the amount that you need and compare it with how many injections you’re going to apply on a regular basis.

It’s common for people to purchase bacteriostatic water for their injections in 30mL multi-dose vials. These types of vials let you administer however many doses you need to stay on track with your diet. Bacteriostatic sterile water for injection will help you take your HCG doses effectively, so that you can lose weight and experience the results that you’re looking for.

Find The Bacteriostatic Water That You Need

Having the right bacteriostatic water can help you – especially if you’d like to try the HCG diet. Knowing the difference between bacteriostatic water and sterile water is important and can potentially save you from some health issues.

Make sure that you take the time to search for bacteriostatic water from a company that you trust. We’d be glad to help. For more info on HCG Supplies and to learn more about what we offer, contact us online.

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