A Quick Guide on How to Mix HCG

Weight gain sneaks up on even the best of us, especially as we get older. One year, you can eat anything you want without gaining a pound. The next year, if you so much as think about eating a pie, you gain five pounds.

This weight gain leads to the inevitable struggle for weight loss. Many people, however, find that nothing seems to work for them. Diets, exercise routines, and supplements seem to leave them disappointed each time.

If that describes you, there may be a solution. Learning how to mix HCG for weight loss can “game the system” for your body. So, learn how to mix your HCG solution in the guide below!

How to Mix HCG (5,000 IU Vial): Start Disinfecting

To begin mixing your HCG, there are a few things you’ll need. First, you’ll need your HCG powder. From there, you’ll need HCG mixing syringes, an HCG Storage vial, and a vial of bacteriostatic water.

Once you have all of these, you can proceed to mix your HCG solution. First, tear out the inner seal from your HCG vial. Once you’ve done so, wipe off the top with an alcohol swab.

Next, move on to the bac-water vial. Once again, remove the cap and wipe its top with an alcohol swab. These alcohol wipes help clean the vials and disinfect them.

Beginning the Mixture

The first step in this process disinfected the vials with alcohol. Now that you can verify the vials are clean, you can begin the mixing process.

Use your mixing syringe, turn your bottle of water upside down. Wait for a second as the water filters towards the cap, then insert your syringe. Draw out the prescribed amount of water advised by your doctor.

For now, we’ll work with the standard amount, which is five milliliters of water. Once you reach 5 ml, remove the syringe from the water bottle.

Next, insert your needle into the vial of HCG powder. Note, only do this if you’ve performed the alcohol swab wipe first.

Once you insert the needle, slowly inject your bacteriostatic water into the powder. After you’ve added the amount of water needed to dissolve the powder, you’ll move on to the next step.

Mixing the Solution

After adding the bacteriostatic water to your HCG vial, gently swirl the vial. Continue swirling the vial until you see the solution become clear. Whatever you do, never shake the solution.

HCG is a delicate hormone. If you shake the solution, you could thin the hormone too much and lose its effects.

When you have a clear HCG solution, remove all leftover solution from the original HCG vial or ampule and inject it into the storage vial. Next, place your mixed HCG in the refrigerator after its reconstitution. It should be good for up to 28 days while you take your daily HCG injections.

Beginning Your HCG for Weight Loss Diet

By following these steps for how to mix HCG, you can ensure you have a safe HCG solution. Now you have your doctor-approved HCG mixture and you can begin your diet.

The HCG diet uses your body’s hormones and chemicals to your advantage to cause weight loss. To get the most out of our offers and plans, check out our discounts and coupons today! And when you are ready to order more supplies, this is where to get your HCGSupplies.

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