Exploring Where to Inject B12 for the Best Results

Has your doctor told you that you’re vitamin B12 deficient? You’re not the only one.

Research shows that between 1.5% and 15% of Americans – as many as 51 million – are vitamin B12 deficient. Most of these individuals are over 60 years old.

A vitamin B12 deficiency may happen because people don’t have enough vitamin B12 in their diets. Celiac disease and Crohn’s disease, which affect a person’s digestive system, may also prevent the body from absorbing this vitamin fully.

Are you wondering where to inject B12 for the best results? Let’s explore where these injections should go and how to do them properly.

Where to Inject B12: Your Butt

Vitamin B12 helps your blood cells develop and promotes healthy nerve function. This is why taking vitamin B12 shots is so important if your body has low vitamin B12 levels.

People who give themselves vitamin B12 intramuscular injections usually do this in their upper buttocks. Grab your muscle, and use your forefinger and thumb to create a V-shape. Hold onto the flesh tightly, and insert your vitamin B12 injection needle in the middle of your V-shaped area to administer your B12 shot.

Your doctor may discourage you from injecting vitamin B12 into this site. That’s because an untrained injector might damage their sciatic nerve.

The sciatic nerve runs down your leg and along your buttocks and hip. Administering your vitamin B12 shot in your thigh might be a safer option if you’re not confident you’ll miss this nerve.

Your Thigh

Ready to inject vitamin B12 into your thigh muscle? Sit on a solid surface, and divide your thigh’s top area into three parts. The three parts should be equal in size.

Create a V-shape using your forefinger and thumb. Then, hold onto your thigh’s middle section firmly. Inject the vitamin B12 into the area of your thigh that is between your fingers.

Your Shoulder

Your shoulder is another area where you can inject vitamin B12. Use your forefinger and thumb to create a V-shape facing downward over your shoulder muscle, or deltoid. Insert your vitamin B12 syringe needle into the middle of the flesh on your shoulder that is between your fingers.

Tips for Giving Yourself Vitamin B12 Shots

Clean your injection site using alcohol pads before administering your vitamin B12 shot. Ensure the site dries completely before the injection. Rotate your shot sites to prevent swelling and scarring.

Insert your vitamin B12 shot at a 90-degree angle. Pull back gently on your syringe’s plunger after you’ve inserted the needle.

What happens if you see blood go into the syringe? This means you’ve struck one of your blood vessels. Get a new needle, and redo the injection.

How We Can Help With Needles

Are you wondering where to inject vitamin B12? Consider injecting it into your upper buttocks.

A vitamin B12 injection may also go into your thigh or shoulder. Most patients perform the injection in the upper thigh.

Your doctor may also recommend that you give yourself human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) injections to help you lose weight. At HCG Supplies, we offer high-quality HCG needles and syringes, which can also be used for B12. Contact us to learn more!

Note that this is not medical advice. Please seek the advice of a medical professional before starting any medication or diet program.

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