HCG Procession: How Long To Wait Between Rounds of the HCG Diet

Losing weight is a tough endeavor in the modern world. Too many jobs require you to spend countless hours sitting down and working on a computer only for you to go home too mentally exhausted to exercise or cook a healthy meal.

If you’re looking for a weight loss program that works, you should consider the HCG dietary program. It involves a combination of hormone injections with a low-calorie diet. However, it does require a specific kind of timing.

Here’s what you should know about how long to wait between rounds of the HCG diet.

What is HCG?

HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a chemical created through tissue found during pregnancy. This hormone helps to first identify when a person is pregnant.

Both men and women can be prescribed HCG as a hormone treatment and to treat infertility. However, a British physician in the 1950s discovered it could also help people burn stored fat and avoid burning muscle tissue.

The best part is that using this hormone treatment would help a person lose weight without feeling hungry or starving themselves.

How the HCG Dietary Program Works

The idea behind losing weight with HCG is that the hormone supplement improves your metabolism and helps to burn calories from stubborn body fat. Furthermore, this hormone reduces your normal hunger and cravings.

With the help of HCG, a person can reduce the amount of calories they take in with much more ease than if they tried on their own. The diet is broken up into three phases with different rules and restrictions on caloric intake.

Bacteriostatic water is used as a diluent or solvent for HCG due to how it can inhibit bacterial growth. Once you have your HCG, you can purchase a mixing kit online to facilitate the program.

How Long to Wait Between Rounds of the HCG Diet

One of the most important parts of the HCG dietary program is making sure you wait long enough between rounds for the best results. You must adhere to your hormone regimen and monitor your body’s responses to the diet.

You must wait at least six weeks between the first and second rounds of the treatment. Between the second and third rounds, you should wait eight weeks. The timespan further increases to twelve weeks and then twenty.

Dieters must take breaks between rounds to avoid your body building up resistance to the hormone. It also helps you avoid nutritional deficiency and allows your body to reset its metabolism between each round.

Lose the Extra Weight

So how long to wait between rounds of the HCG diet? It all depends on what stage you’re on and how many more rounds you intend to participate in. Pay attention to what your body needs and don’t push yourself too far, though.

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