The Ultimate Guide to Insulin Syringe Sizes

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) can be given as intramuscular injections or subcutaneous injections. To make sure you are getting the proper dosage, you will need the right equipment. This means you need to do some research before buying your HCG supplies.

This guide will help inform you of the equipment you might need when preparing and injecting HCG. Read on to learn which insulin syringe sizes you’ll need for HCG preparation and HCG injections.

10 Milliliter (ML) Mixing Syringes

Our large mixing syringes hold up to 10 millimeters. They are essential for combining powdered HCG with bacteriostatic water to get the right liquid solution for the HCG injection. The 1.5-inch needle on the end of this syringe is used solely for the mixing process as it is large and would be very uncomfortable for injections.

Utilize safety procedures when combining medications such as HCG powder with bacteriostatic water to make a liquid solution.

3 Milliliter (ML) Injection Syringes

The 3 ml injection syringe can hold up to 3 ccs of fluid so it is ideal for a larger dosage and it has a needle on the end of it. These syringe/needle combos are ideal for intramuscular injections that occur in the thigh or shoulder because muscle tissue can hold a larger volume of medication and it has a greater blood supply traveling through it.

You don’t want to do an intramuscular injection with a needle that is too short or too long. This 3 ml syringe has a 1.25-inch needle on the end so that it is long enough to make it into the targeted muscle. The proper needle length also makes sure it won’t intrude on the underlying nerves and bone systems.

1 Milliliter (ML) Injection Syringes

The 1 ml injection syringe (also known as an insulin-style syringe) has a half-inch needle on the end of it. This syringe can handle up to 1 cc of fluid making it ideal for a small volume injection, such as insulin injections. The HCG dosages can be given as subcutaneous injections (injections given just below the surface of the skin) rather than into the muscle tissue.

Most people use insulin needles for HCG injections because these injections are self-administered. The tiny needle is quick, safe, and painless for anyone afraid to give themselves injections.

These little needles on the end of the syringe are virtually painless, and are less noticeable than an intramuscular injection. This makes them the easiest type of injection to handle.

Picking the Right Insulin Syringe Sizes

The different insulin syringe sizes are great for different dosages. You’ll have to do your research to determine which type of injection you will do: intramuscular vs subcutaneous. It all comes down to how comfortable you might be with needles. A tiny insulin needle will be easier to use if you have a phobia when it comes to needles and injections.

Contact HCG Supplies today for more information on the syringes you might need for HCG injections. Customer service and customer satisfaction is our first priority.

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